The prescription: Our mission

THE CONTEMPORARY ART WORLD has grown enormously in the last 30 years. New galleries, art fairs and museum biennials have appeared with increasing frequency around the world. These have given rise to a crowd of collectors, gallery owners, artists, publicists and hangers-on who travel tirelessly from one must-see event to another. The work exhibited at these events is often highly specialized in nature; as a result, it usually communicates solely to this attendant class of "art professionals." Outsiders, the ones we once called "spectators," are confused and alienated by contemporary trends in art. Art publications, in an effort to cater more and more to the professionals, have become “trade publications.” They are commonly filled with indecipherable reviews of arcane art shows and windy articles rife with insider references, all written in a lingo impenetrable to the general spectator.


READ MOREAlex Melamid asks "Why is today's art so meaningless?"With the creation of Artenol, we turn a new page in the art magazine world. Here is a publication for spectators written by spectators in prose that is both readable and literary. It is time for art to emerge from its modernist isolation, much as contemporary literature did years ago. Though modernism has spoken to the gods of art through line, color and shape, it has lately been speaking in tongues. With our faith in gods weakening, the art world’s position seems shaky. It is our hope that Artenol will bring contemporary art back to − or at least closer to − its senses.


We at Artenol have only one requirement of our contributors: that they write well. Some of our authors will address art issues in specific; others will offer stories of interest in the context of an art magazine. Artenol's content will be engaging, provocative, entertaining − and, most of all, readable.

The doctors are in: Who we are

PUBLISHER: Gary Krimershmoys is an art advisor and curator who has been immersed in the art world since 2008. Specializing in international post-war and contemporary art, Gary works to build and manage collections as varied and unique as the collectors who initiate them. He previously worked in financial trading and sales in New York City and London from 1994 to 2008. His last finance position was heading the European Structured Credit Derivatives Group for Tullett Prebon Group Ltd. During last seven years, Krimershmoys was Managing Director of Quintessentially Art's global art advisory business, founded a project space in Chelsea called (Art) Amalgamated, was Director at Vohn Gallery and the Acquisition Advisor for the(un)SCENE art show. In 2011, Alexander Melamid and Gary co-founded the Art Healing Ministry in New York City.

FOUNDER: Alexander Melamid has long been known in the art world for his partnership with fellow Russian artist Vitaly Komar, with whom he founded the Soviet Realist Pop art movement, Sots Art, which satirized Soviet Socialist Realism. During their almost 40 years of collaboration which ended in 2003, Komar and Melamid were noted as revolutionaries and, at times, rebels. Their work has often been compared to that of Pop artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. They have also had more than 60 solo exhibitions worldwide. In 2003, the duo decided to explore individual careers. Over the last decade, Alex Melamid has created a series of portrait paintings of American hip-hop stars and has promoted an arts healing ministry, declaring himself God Melamid.

MANAGING EDITOR/ART DIRECTOR: David Dann has created illustrations for publications like Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworker and Popular Science, and has made hundreds of models for the hologram and toy industries, including the sculpted dove for the VISA credit card. His work has appeared on the covers of National Geographic, Omni Magazine, Marvel and Malibu Comics, and many others. In 2000, Dann became owner and co-publisher of a successful news weekly and worked as Senior Designer at the Times Herald-Record, a Dow Jones newspaper with a circulation of 85,000. He is currently the director of special projects at the newspaper and produces Ulster Magazine, a glossy regional bimonthly serving the Hudson Valley of New York State.

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Walker Mimms is a writer and musician living in Nashville, Tennesee.
A graduate of Bennington College, he has written for
The New Criterion among other publications and is currently working on a book about Samuel Johnson's circle.

LONDON EDITOR: Zinovy Zinik is a Moscow-born novelist and critic. Zinik lost his Soviet citizenship when he emigrated from the USSR in 1975. Since 1976, he has been living and working in Britain, writing in English as well as in his native Russian. His fourteen books of prose, written since his departure from Russia, have been translated into a number of European languages and adapted for radio and television ("The Mushroom Picker," BBC TV, 1993). Zinik’s recent works include a collection of essays, Emigration as a Literary Device (NLO, 2011); an autobiographical tale, History Thieves (Seagull Books, 2011); and a new collection of prose (in Russian), Third Jerusalem (NLO, 2013). Zinik regularly contributes to BBC Radio, The Times Literary Supplement and other British periodicals. He has taught creative writing at a number of American universities, including Wesleyan University and Columbia University.

ACCOUNTS/CIRCULATION MANAGER: Denise Krimershmoys is the owner of Vohn Gallery in NYC. Previously, she was the gallery manager of (Art) Amalgamated in Chelsea, New York City, where Mikel Glass first showed his Fair exhibition, the forerunner to the (un)SCENE, and held the same position at the Art Healing Ministry, an ongoing project with Alexander Melamid. Denise studied decorative arts at Sothebys, obtained her degree in Interior design and architecture at AIU and studied fine art at Central Saint Martins, all while living in London in the 2000s. Denise will be heading up the accounts and circulation team at Artenol.

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