ART ATTACK Artists rally in New York City’s Central Park during a protest staged by the Freedom from Art Foundation on May Day, 2014. The group claims that Big Art siphons profits from the labors of local artists while closing them out of the art market.

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A Call to Action

By Alex Melamid


Editor's note: In fall of 2010, artist and Artenol founder, Alex Melamid, issued a proclamation. His frustration with the vapidness of contemporary art, its preoccupation with celebrity and capital, had reached a critical point. Calling on other disgruntled art workers to join with him, he formed an organization to take art back from the aesthetic elites. Though the group has remained largely behind the scenes, the Freedom from Art Foundation has been responsible for numerous anti-art street actions and several successful protest marches. Most recently, FFAF has acted as an advisor to the management of this magazine. For the first time, Mr. Melamid has agreed to allow his original manifesto to be published. “People have a right to know,” said Melamid. Also included is a selection of historic handbills and posters used during FFAF’s early protests.

Citizens, it is time to act. It is time to overthrow the tyranny of museums, galleries and art fairs. It is time to take back what is rightfully ours. It is time to free ourselves from the aesthetic oppression of Big Art.

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