Finding a Way Out

By Gerald Celente


Imagine growing up in a culture of fear, where your every action and every written word are recorded, tracked and stored. Imagine growing up in a world that, while going about your daily routines, you encounter heavily armed police officers peering through armored visors as you walk by. Imagine growing up in a world of such moral decay that you have abandoned all faith in your leaders and the governmental rights and processes they manage – so much so, in fact, that you don’t even know their names.

Imagine growing up in a world where war is endless, where images of death and destruction are so pervasive, you don’t even pay attention to them any longer – if you ever did. Imagine growing up in a world where the populous is so muted, worn and disengaged that it allows – over and over – its leaders to drag the masses into brutal wars based on flagrant lies, repeating the same failed history over and over.

If you were growing up in such a world, how would you cope? What would you do?

Perhaps you would bow your head, plug your ears with headphones and peck away endlessly on your smart phone. You would listen to fabricated music, or even create it on your laptop and call yourself a musician. You would dress and present yourself like your peers, being just fine with the sameness that prevails around you.

Your powerlessness would be reflected in the poor state of your physical, psychological and emotional health.

You would rise up against abusive power when motivated, but it wouldn’t last long. You’re so beaten down and defeated by the chronic deception, lying and self-serving guile of your leaders that your own self-respect and trust in your leaders are now counted among the casualties. So immersed are you in a world where too many have allowed themselves to become packaged, processed and homogenized like so much of the food, fashion, music and media shoved down their throats, your yearning for true, genuine expression is too difficult to hear.

This is what fear has done to us.

The epidemic of fear

Fear consumes the post-9/11 world just as it did in the days following the attacks – only on a deeper, more subliminal level.

As the United States and much of the world prepared to mark the 13th anniversary of 9/11, American President Barack Obama addressed the nation on September 10, 2014. Obama promised to “degrade,” “destroy” and “eradicate” the terrorist Islamic State “cancer” that posed a “growing threat to the United States.” It took him a mere 14 minutes to declare a war that would be fought, in part, in Syria, which, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, was innocent of committing crimes or acts of aggression against the United States but was nevertheless attacked and destroyed. It was the start of what some said would be a 30-year war. Thirty years!

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