Current ISSUE

Winter 2016 (coming Jan. 2)

"The Art of Terror"

Arnold Berleant: An appalling aesthetic: An argument for the "negative sublime"

Roger Griffin: The art movement that created modernity's "new man," Benito Mussolini

Ian Frazier: Honorary titles little more than the curse of #$@&! celebrity


Fall 2016

"Make Art Great Again"

David Pryce-Jones: How modernism plays games with  lovers of art

Alex Melamid: A Kopkind lecture on the best way to save art – by destroying it

Walker Mimms: An examination of Boswell's magnum opus, his copious journals

Summer 2016

"Money Issue"

Hedrick Smith: As corporations take it all, American capitalism has lost that "sharing feeling"

Rowling Dord: A conversation with a commodities trader whose commodity is fine art

Justin E.H. Smith: Art either defines us or deceives us – sometimes it's hard to know which

Spring 2016

"The hole art catalog"

Sean Ashton: When an art proposal merits a "counter-proposal"

Alex Melamid: A manifesto for breaking the chains of art slavery

Brooke Allen: Revisiting Tolstoy and discovering similarities between the art in his day and ours

Winter 2015

"Draw me and get out of jail free!"

Rowling Dord: The power of representation frees
two convicted killers

Michael Simmons: John Lennon, The Band and
the sound of real music

Walker Mimms: The plain speech, poetry and porn of David Slavitt

Fall 2015

"Read this issue and get infected"

Lawrence Weschler: Tree nuptials, stump vandals and wood work

Zinovy Zinik: Non-conceptualist struggles in the modernist gulag

Bill Kartalopoulos: Art in sequence – Finding MoMA's secret comics

Summer 2015

"The death of art"

Richard Viladesau: Art and God –
A philosopher's assessment

Michael Ratner: Defacing Picasso, reviving art

Ian Frazier: Kidnapping and murder, in verse

Rowling Dord: The Death of Art

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