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Making art great again: The contractor

By Michelle Furyaka


With this issue of Artenol, we address the perplexing problem of contemporary art’s general banality. Time was when art played a central role in the lives of everyday people, but no longer. To rescue art from this malaise, to restore it to its former greatness, Artenol asked FURY Art Advisory, a leading research firm, to tackle the task of “making art great again.” We proposed that the company address the issue as though the Museum of Modern Art were its client. Michelle Furyaka, FURY’s president and CEO, and her team created this report, an analysis of the issue with suggestions for resolving it, as she would have done for any of FURY’s Fortune 500 clients. We believe it offers a fresh perspective on the issue. – Editor

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is one of the largest and most influential museums in the world, housing more than 150,000 works of art as well as a film archive and an extensive library. It is evident that this museum is the world authority on modern art. Since 1929, when founded by Abigail “Abby” Rockefeller, the museum and its exhibitions have been captivating the public with legendary artists like Van Gogh and Picasso. It’s no wonder its early founders were called the “daring girls.” Today this renowned art institution is once again tasked with a “daring” assignment: to investigate and develop a well-defined strategy for “making art great again.”

Proposal: FURY Art Advisory was selected based on their expertise in the art industry. As a potential partner, they will conduct a series of research initiatives and offer a solution on how to “make art great again.” Consulting firms are often brought in to conduct market research and present museums and non-profits with their findings. Analytical findings allow clients to understand exactly what is happening in the marketplace, thus enabling them to make decisions based on that data.

Business challenge: MoMA wants to “make art great again,” but is challenged with the presence of various distractions in the market and various market barriers. Many people are dissatisfied with the direction art has taken. MoMA needs real-time insights into the current art market and a clear analysis of the public’s perception. It is also extremely important to build a strong awareness and attract followers to this initiative. The museum wants to explore the option of starting a movement, an art collective that would “make art great again.” Recognizing FURY’s deep knowledge of the art market and its expertise in developing superior strategies, the  MoMA chooses FURY as a strategic partner.

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