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Build a handheld device for validating works of art

By Artenol Technical Staff


Get Wired A little spare time and a few simple tools are all that is needed to create a Platometer. This version was built in a picture frame. Artenol photoHave you ever wondered about the quality of your aesthetic judgments? Have you ever felt just the slightest twinge that your enjoyment of a painting, a line of poetry, a piece of music or a film’s mise-en-scene was, well, superficial at best and, at worst, self-indulgent? Could it be the elaborate performance piece you saw last week at PS1 had, in reality, no more artistic merit than a gaudy sunset snapshot posted on some happy vacationer’s Facebook page?

Worry no more. Artenol’s technical staff has, after much testing and experimentation, developed a compact device that can easily determine the validity of aesthetic judgments. With the simple press of a button, any art enthusiast can receive a scientifically derived evaluation of whatever aesthetic event or moment presents itself.

Artenol is pleased to make this remarkable new device available to its  many readers, as well as to artists and professional critics. Using materials readily available in most crafts and electronics stores, anyone can now build a personal version of Artenol’s “Platometer.”

The days of aesthetic uncertainty have, at long last, come to welcome end.

Find plans the "Platometer" in the Fall 2015 issue of Artenol. Order yours today

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