HuffPost cheers on Melamid and Artenol

Writer Isa Freeling describes Artenol as "nothing less than Dali-esque sharp, reminding me of children's books, promising fairy tales and life lessons." Read her review of the magazine and get her take on artist and Artenol founder Alex Melamid in her May 24, 2016, HuffPost piece by clicking the link below.

Library Journal picks Artenol as one of 2015's best

ON APRIL 15, the Library Journal, an influential monthly that advises the nation's libraries on books and publications of interest, selected Artenol as one of the best magazines of 2015. Stating that the magazine's publisher has "produced a high-quality magazine with top-notch writing and design," the Journal says Artenol "succeeds brilliantly." A link to their glowing review is below.

The Art Newspaper reviews  Artenol's 'Great Debate'

ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, Artenol staged the first in a series of events called "Artenol Presents: Series I, The Great Debate: Why Do We See So Little?" Over 120 people crowded into the Overthrow Boxing Club on Bleecker Street to see philosopher Alva Noë, dancer Mariah Evans, artist Jeffrey Gibson and Artenol international editor Cheryl Kaplan discuss truth and meaning. Artenol founder Alex Melamid played the role of agent provocateur. The Art Newspaper was there, and you can read their review below.

The New York Times interviews Artenol

ON MONDAY, JUNE 1, Times arts reporter William Grimes interviewed Artenol founder Alex Melamid, publisher Gary Krimershmoys and managing editor David Dann in the magazine's 42 Street offices in Manhattan. The lively 2-hour conversation covered a range topics, including the genesis of the magazine, its intended audience and the serendipitous circumstances behind its cover story featuring Fredrich Nietzsche. Read the entire article by clicking on the story below.

Stack reviews Artenol's debut issue

ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, the innovative London-based magazine distributor reviewed Artenol for its many followers and subscribers. We think Steven Watson commentary is quite insightful – and very entertaining.

Artenol founder Alex Melamid on contemporary art

ON FRIDAY, JULY 23, The World Post published an essay by Artenol's guiding light, Alex Melamid. In it he suggests that modern artists have become the victims of the evermore commodified art world, martyrs to its demands for continuous cultural revolution. Read the entire article by clicking on the image below.

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