The Writers Exhibit

To celebrate the first anniversary of the magazine, contributors to Artenol over the past year created artworks for display in an exhibit of fine art (mostly) by writers. Included in this unusual show which took place from April 10-16 in New York were pieces by authors Ian Frazier, Martin Rowson, Everett Aison, Lawrence Krauser and Lawrence Weschler, as well as comic artists Art Spiegelman and Jon Agee, and others.

These original, one-of-a-kind works are now available for purchase. Proceeds from their sale go to support the magazine and its future exhibits and events. To buy a piece, or for more information, please contact Artenol editor David Dann at


1. Jon Agee

“Pictures Piecrust” (2000)

Ink on paper, 8”x 11” $650


2. Everett Aison

“New York Subway Faces” (2008-9)

Pencil and watercolor

Diptych, Framed, 21”x 8” $750


3. Everett Aison

“Street Faces” (2014)

Pencil, ink and watercolor

Triptych, Framed, 16”x 12” $850


4. Eleanor Bernstein

“Dirty Dancing” (1986)

Movie screenplay page, 8.5”x 11” $450


5. Ian Frazier


Ink on paper, 7”x 9” $450


6. Ian Frazier


Ink on paper, 7”x 9” $450


7. Ian Frazier

“Ust Bargauizin”

Ink on paper, 7”x 9” $450


8. Ian Frazier


Ink on paper, 7”x 9” $450


9. Martin Rowson

“Alva Nöe at the Great Debate” (2015)

Ink on paper, 3”x 5” $500


10. Alexander Melamid

“Rose on Pollock” (2015)

Oil on digital print on canvas, 22”x 18” Inquire


11. Nick Wadley

“Man in Bath” (2016)

Pencil and gouache,,10”x 17” $550


12. Nick Wadley

“Woodpecker” (2005)

Pencil and gouache, 10”x 17” $550


13. Lawrence Weschler


Ink on paper, 8.5”x 11” $600


14. Lawrence Weschler


Ink on paper, 5”x 8” $400


15. Lawrence Weschler


Ink on paper, 5”x 8” $400


16. Lawrence Krauser

“Soap Bubble”

Digital print, 26”x 20” $700


17. Lawrence Krauser


Ink on paper, 24”x 24” $800


18. Rowling Dord

“36 PW, Color” (2016)

Digital print, 8.5”x 11” $250

The Revolution Continues Exhibit

Taking inspiration from the Bernie Sanders campaign, Artenol has created a limited edition of revolutionary art posters, agitprop for the coming overthrow of the art world's elite 1 percent. An exhibit of these posters, and Alex Melamid's "Le But du Monde," took place at the magazine's Plenary Gallery on Grand Street in New York from April 24-30. Signed editions of each poster are available for $300 each. For more information, please contact us at

Posters created for Artenol

Renowned artists Art Spiegelman and Joel Smith contributed original art for posters to commemorate Artenol's debut in July 2015. Each poster is quality-printed on heavy, bright white stock and measures 11 x 17 inches. Posters are shipped mailing tubes, shipping included in price. Supplies are limited.

Art Spiegelman

"1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration"

Joel Smith


Click to order your posters

YOUR ORDER will be processed for the amount selected once you click the "Buy Now" button. Shipping included. Allow 3 weeks for delivery. Note: No foreign or overseas orders can not be accepted at this time.

Special Edition Artenol Posters

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