This video was presented as part of Artenol's "The Revolution Continues," an exhibit of revolutionary art agitprop that took place at the magazines Plenary Gallery at 284 Grand Street in Manhattan from April 24-30. In it, artist and founder Alex Melamid indites modernism and contemporary art, and issues a call to action for viewers to join the Artenol Revolutionary Alliance or ARA.

Artenol Magazine's "The Great Debate," held on Friday, Dec. 11, at the Overthrow Boxing Club in New York City, featured philosopher Alva Nöe, choreographer Moriah Evans, artist Jeffrey Gibson and editor and organizer Cheryl Kaplan. Artenol founder Alex Melamid was the event's guest moderator, with over 100 artists, art lovers, art haters and curious passersby attending. "The Great Debate" was the first in a series of planned art-related events to be produced by Artenol.

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